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About Us

Get support from our experts in flexible working and recruitment to ensure your job ad gets the attention it deserves. Access flexible, engaged, skilled talent through the Flexible Working Scotland community.

We offer different levels of support to suit your needs. Discounts available for registered charities and CIC.

Choose your level of service to suit your needs

Free - DIY

Anyone is welcome to post their job ad in the Flexible Working Scotland community using their own Facebook profile and monitoring any queries themselves.

Free of charge.

Silver - candidate management

As Bronze, plus FWS admins also pin the post to the top of the group for one week (or until the deadline). Our recruitment experts collate all ad responses via the group, do an initial screening of candidates (i.e. availability, salary, basic skills breakdown) and present the recruiting manager with a candidate shortlist.

Per ad: £360

Basic - sharing your job role

If you prefer not to post in the Flexible Working Scotland community using your own Facebook profile, the FWS group admins can post on your behalf. We are unable to answer any queries on behalf of the employer.

One post: £60
Subsequent posts: £30

Gold - recruitment consultancy

As silver, but recruiting managers get one hour’s consultancy to optimise the job ad copy. Job posts will be featured on the FB page (pinned post and shared twice). Candidates will be pre-screened thoroughly and then shortlisted - we will reject non-successful candidates on your behalf (at application stage).

Per ad: £600

Bronze - promoting your job role

Group admins post a job on behalf of an employer/recruiter in a specific format so that it gains attention. Based on a questionnaire completed by the employer/recruiter in advance, admins will also respond to comments and queries from group members.

Per ad: £150

Get in touch!

Get in touch with our flexible working and recruitment experts to discuss how we can help source the flexible, committed, skilled talent you need. 

We can provide training, recruitment and consultancy services tailored to your needs.

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Meet the FWS Recruitment Team

Passionate about making work, work.


Fancy a chat? Get in touch to learn more.

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The FWS team

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